Public Service and Nonprofits

Harvard’s mission-driven programs and services are an integral part of Massachusetts’ dynamic nonprofit sector. The Harvard community is actively engaged in public service, providing critical support to Massachusetts residents and helping to address the region’s most pressing needs.

Harvard University Allston-Brighton Emergency Response Grant

Harvard Launches Emergency Grant Program for Allston-Brighton Nonprofits
Recognizing local needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Harvard University launched an emergency grant program for Allston-Brighton nonprofits serving the community. The Harvard University Allston-Brighton Emergency Response Grant awarded funding to 27 nonprofits, supporting them around the need for food delivery, equipment purchases, technology, and educational programs for families and residents.

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by the numbers

33500 nonprofits

there are more than 33,500 nonprofits in Massachusetts

Fourth largest employer

Harvard is the fourth largest nonprofit employer in Massachusetts

Over 140 nonprofits

Harvard partners with over 140 Boston and Cambridge nonprofits to deliver programming and resources to the community

Partnering to Help Communities

Harvard University strives to fulfill its charitable mission by serving as the home base for various organizations addressing community needs, in areas ranging from arts and culture to education and public health. Currently, there are more than 70 nonprofits affiliated with Harvard's own campus community.

This work extends beyond campus through the University’s partnerships with Massachusetts nonprofits that help support the wellbeing of residents across the state and support the regional economy. Through community benefit programs and meaningful relationships, Harvard is proud to support the work of more than 140 Boston- and Cambridge-based nonprofit partners.

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“Y2Y was shaped by our formative experiences as student volunteers of PBHA's Harvard Square Homeless Shelter, where we found a community dedicated to social justice. We launched our shelter with the tremendous and invaluable support of Harvard faculty, students, and administrative professionals, as well as the advice and guidance of local nonprofits that welcomed us in the community. The work and spirit of Y2Y is woven into these foundational community partnerships.”

—Sam Greenberg, Harvard College ‘14
Co-Founder, Y2Y Harvard Square

“Nonprofit partnerships have the potential to increase and strengthen the programs and services offered in our communities. As we strive to advance the mission of Big Sister, the support we've received from Harvard University has enabled us to increase participation in the program and cement longer and stronger relationships between Little Sisters and Big Sisters. These positive relationships have beneficial ripple effects in the lives of the girls we serve and their families.”

—Deborah Re, President and CEO, Big Sister Association of Greater Boston
Harvard Allston Partnership Fund Grant Recipient