Visiting Scholar Lecture: State of Clay: Bay Area Ceramics by Nancy M. Servis


Tuesday, November 7, 2017, 6:00pm to 7:00pm


Ceramics Program, 224 Western Avenue, Allston
From pottery to sculptural expression, Nancy M. Servis unveils the dynamic variety of ceramics found in Northern California. Long recognized as a vital and populous state with extensive clay deposits, California has been the home of refined vessel-makers and artistic rule-breakers for over 75 years, particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her image-illustrated presentation, State of Clay: Bay Area Ceramics contextualizes clay's extensive use that includes stylistic architecture in Oakland, impassioned potters like Antonio Prieto and Marguerite Wildenhain from the 1950s, and unabashed practicitioners like Peter Voulkos and Robert Arneson. They, along with select others like Viola Frey, Ruth Rippon, and Ron Nagle laid the groundwork for what exists today - a population of fine artist-makers whose work coexists with those who embrace sculpture or even defy ceramic tradtiion. Nancy's one-hour presentation will trace these varied ceramic developments, highlighting a spectrum of groundbreaking and currently practicing artists all of whom have contributed to the pluralistic richness of California clay. 

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