The Environment Forum at the Mahindra Center presents Prasenjit Duara (Duke University), “Spiritual Ecologies: Sustainability and Transcendence in Contemporary Asia”


Monday, October 16, 2017, 5:00pm


Tsai Auditorium, CGIS South, 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

The crisis of global modernity has been produced by human overreach that was founded upon a paradigm of national modernization. Today, three global changes: the rise of non-western powers, the crisis of environmental sustainability and the loss of authoritative sources of transcendence – the ideals, principles and ethics once found in religions -- define our condition. The physical salvation of the world is becoming the transcendent goal of our times, transcending national sovereignty. The foundations of sovereignty can no longer be sought in tunnelled histories of nations; we are recognizing that histories have always been circulatory and the planet is a collective responsibility.

The Environment Forum at the Mahindra Center is convened by Robin Kelsey (Dean of Arts and Humanities, Harvard University) and Ian Jared Miller (Professor of History, Harvard University).

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