Education Now: Cultivating the Power of Resilience


Wednesday, May 5, 2021, 3:00pm to 3:30pm


Harvard Graduate School of Education—Online

As we emerge from the COVID-10 pandemic, many experts believe that the aftereffects of isolation, stress, fear, and sadness will linger. Trauma from mental health challenges of the past year will not quickly fade. Today, 18–25-year olds are suffering especially severely from the loneliness epidemic. While this loneliness epidemic preceded the onset of COVID-19, pandemic times have further heightened the isolation and mental and emotional duress experienced by many. Furthermore, a parallel and related epidemic of stress and anxiety in women and girls—from elementary school through college—has skyrocketed. How can we address these mounting mental health challenges that are particularly impacting today’s children and young adults?

Join the Harvard Graduate School of Education for a conversation on cultivating resilience and a discussion about the parallel and interrelated epidemics of loneliness and anxiety.

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