Reframing Japonisme: Painting Edo and Beyond


    Harvard Art Museums—Online

    We’re bringing Painting Edo: Japanese Art from the Feinberg Collection to you! Join us for this final talk in our series of virtual conversations exploring themes highlighted in the exhibition.

    How has Japonisme shaped the reception of Japanese art? In this online program, professors Elizabeth Emery and Chelsea Foxwell will consider the persistent influence of the western construct of Japonisme and the new aesthetic forms it inspired.

    In 1872, French art critic Philippe Burty coined the term “Japonisme” to refer to the growing western admiration for “all things...

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    Taking A Leadership Frame of Mind in Online Meetings


    Harvard Ed Portal—Online

    Mastering the finer points of leading a meeting means having a "leadership frame of mind." What does this mean? Being a role model in appropriate attendee management.

    In this workshop, you will learn:

    How to lead a successful online meeting with a "leadership frame of mind"

    1. Approach interactions with empathy or appropriate tone
    2. Encourage interaction by creating a safe space

    Audience management and conflict resolution

    1. ...
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    World Bicycle Day Celebration


    Harvard Museums of Science & Culture—Online

    Human-powered transportation helps protect the natural world that we so proudly share with museum visitors. It can also contribute to health and wellness by offering a fun way to get moving. Dedicated to cyclists of all ages, this program will inspire you to seek out warm-weather adventures on two wheels, learn more about biking’s many benefits, get maintenance and safety tips, discover nearby bike routes, find out what’s being done to improve urban biking infrastructure, and enjoy music made with and on bicycles!


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    Creature Feature: Birds of a Feather


    Harvard Art Museums—Online

    Explore a vibrant collection of watercolors featuring a flock of fantastic birds inspired by a king’s royal menagerie in Jean-Baptiste Oudry’s Avian Album.

    Creature Feature, an online series from the Harvard Art Museums, offers a chance for families to explore magical creatures across the collections through close looking and curious exploration with museum staff. Creature Feature talks are free, open to explorers ages 6 and up, and offered once a...

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    Multilateral Cultural Diplomacy: A Conversation with UNESCO Director General Audrey Azoulay


    Harvard Kennedy School, Belfer Center—Online

    In the third installment of the Future of Cultural Diplomacy Series, UNESCO’s Director-General Audrey Azoulay will offer her unique perspective on cultural diplomacy as the leader of one of the world’s largest multilateral agencies focused on education, scientific and cultural issues.

    In a conversation co-moderated by Ambassador Nicholas Burns and Carla Dirlikov Canales, Director-General Azoulay will discuss UNESCO’s current priorities, including education, culture, gender equality, and freedom of expression, and discuss how UNESCO has provided multilateral approaches to...

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    Virtual Student Guide Tour: Making Faces, with Cecilia Zhou


    Harvard Art Museums—Online

    Student Guide Cecilia Zhou’s art-inspired makeup tutorials have appeared on the social media channels of the Harvard Art Museums and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In this tour, she will spend time with three paintings that inspired her: the 20th-century Head of a Woman by Russian Expressionist Alexei von Jawlensky, the 3rd-century Egyptian ...

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    Radcliffe Day 2021


    Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard—Online

    On Radcliffe Day 2021—Friday, May 28—Harvard Radcliffe Institute will award the Radcliffe Medal to Melinda Gates. 

    Expert panelists will then discuss achieving gender equity in the United States, each offering her own perspective informed by deep expertise and unique experience. The discussion will be moderated by the distinguished American historian and Arthur Kingsley Porter University Professor at Harvard University Drew Gilpin Faust, who was founding dean of the Radcliffe Institute and the first woman to serve as president of Harvard.

    Following the panel...

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    Pottery Chill Out


    Harvard Ed Portal—Online

    Remember Play Doh when you were a kid? What if we told you you're never too old to play with clay? Sign up for our 5-session Zoom clay class, where we will make and decorate mugs, phone holders, sculptures—whatever you want, really!—using our hands and objects you can find at home. No experience necessary!

    We'll teach you everything you need to know, PLUS we'll mail you all the stuff you'll need! You'll get to keep your final product and, as an added bonus, we'll chat about how working with clay can help you relax and knead-out some of the stress you may be feeling.

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    Koru Mindfulness


    Harvard Ed Portal—Online

    Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or anxious? Come relax with us!

    Mindfulness is simple and can be done by anyone, anytime, anywhere—this Koru Mindfulness series can help you learn how! These 4 mindfulness classes can help you identify stress whenever you feel it and reduce its effects. We will do a range of guided activities so that you can pick what works best for you.

    Practices include mindful walking, guided imagery, breathing exercises, and mindfulness of thoughts and feelings. There will also be space in each session for group reflection and...

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    Mapping Your Heart: A Zine Making Workshop


    Harvard Ed Portal—Online

    *For high school students living or attending school in Allston, Brighton, or Cambridge!*

    Reflect on where you are right now to where you want to be. What comes easily to you? What do you love the most about yourself? Where do you want to put your energy?

    Explore these questions and learn more about your inner world in this hands-on workshop led by Brighton artist Deborah Johnson. Start with a short meditation, look at examples of self-published...

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    Forest Bathing with Toadstool Walks


    Bussey Street Gate, Arnold Arboretum, Boston

    Join Tam Willey of Toadstool Walks as you slow down and awaken your senses on a guided therapeutic experience in the Arnold Arboretum. Forest bathing is inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, a restorative sensory exploration that supports health and healing for all beings. Each walk is limited to 8 participants. Meet at the Bussey Street Gate. Participants must follow COVID guidelines including wearing a mask and practicing social distancing, as well as sign a liability and release form.

    Learn more about and RSVP for Forest Bathing with Toadstool Walks:

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    Spring Bird Walk


    Peters Hill Gate, Arnold Arboretum, Boston

    Join three experienced birders for a 90-minute walk suitable for beginners and experienced birders alike. Meet at the Peters Hill Gate for this walk in the landscape to see Arboretum birds. Space is limited to 30 and the group will be divided into three sections. COVID-19 guidelines of masks and social distancing will be required. Bring binoculars if you have them.


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    Observatory Night: All That Glitters is Gold


    Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian—Online

    The cosmic origin of gold has fascinated humans for millennia. In this talk, Professor of Astronomy Edo Berger will explore the long-standing question of how gold (and other rare elements) are created in the universe, showing that this process is intimately connected to the collision of neutron stars (the remnants of powerful supernova explosions)—and the production of gravitational waves.

    The Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian sponsors Observatory Nights on the third Thursday of select months. Observatory Nights feature a nontechnical lecture intended for...

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    Wild Collection and Propagation of Rare and Endangered Plants


    Arnold Arboretum—Online

    In Massachusetts alone, plants make up more than half of the total native species that are officially considered Endangered, Threatened, and Rare. In this talk, we will focus on how ex-situ plant conservation, coordinated plant collection efforts, and plant propagation play vital roles in preserving biodiversity and slowing the deleterious effects of climate change.

    We will discuss how collection trips are planned—and how citizen science now plays a role in these efforts—while providing a behind-the-scenes look at the planning process. A large focus will be plant propagation...

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    After-School Animal Encounters: Movement


    Harvard Museum of Natural History—Online

    Can you slither, hop, jump, climb, or even fly? How would you do these things with zero, two, four, or even a hundred legs? As winter melts away and warmer springtime weather blows in, all animals big and small are as excited to get out and move around as we are! Join human museum staffers Javier and Ryan in this live 45-minute family program as they discuss and take a look at some of our amazing animals in motion.

    Advance registration for this family friendly program is required.


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    ¡A Bailar! Zumba con Abe—Let's Dance! Zumba with Abe


    Harvard Ed Portal—Online

    Si te intimida el gimnasio porque no sabes por donde empezar, pero la música Latina te pone a bailar, entonces prepárate para una fiesta inolvidable desde tu propia casa! Ven a reír y moverte al ritmo de Zumba con Abe, una clase energética, donde lo más importante es estar presente y olvidarse de lo demás!

    Con más de 6 años de experiencia enseñando Zumba a personas de todas edades, Abe modifica cada clase para que todos puedan participar! No hay que ser bailarín profesional. Solo únete a la clase, sube el volumen, y deja que la música te mueva! Te esperamos!! La clase se da en...

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    How To Plan Your Online Meeting


    Harvard Ed Portal—Online

    Been to a lot of online meetings lately? Feeling like many are a waste of time? Don't let people think this about your meetings! Learn how to prepare for a productive, well organized meeting and set an engaging meeting culture.

    Our agenda includes:

    How to Start

    • Define meeting objectives
    • Determine if a meeting is necessary
    • Schedule for time differences
    • Create agenda
    • Establish role of timekeeper and minute-taker

    Reading the Zoom Room...

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    My Octopus Teacher: Virtual Panel Discussion


    Mind Brain Behavior Interfaculty Initiative at Harvard—Online

    "My Octopus Teacher", Oscar winner for Best Documentary, follows filmmaker and naturalist Craig Foster as he develops an unusual bond with an octopus living in a South African kelp forest. Come hear four experts discuss the unique human/animal connection captured in this film.

    Learn more about and RSVP for My Octopus Teacher: Virtual Panel Discussion.

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    Sakharov Centenary Seminar: Sakharov, Nuclear Weapons, and Human Rights


    Davis Center for Russian & Eurasian Studies—Online

    May 21 marks the centenary of the birth of Andrei Sakharov, one of the great physicists of the twentieth century who was also one of the world’s most courageous and renowned proponents of freedom and human rights. His name nowadays is universally linked with the quest for human rights and democracy.

    As the key figure in the Soviet Union’s development of a thermonuclear bomb, Sakharov could have enjoyed a life of privilege and luxury. But to do so would have meant closing his eyes to the injustice and repression around him. This was something that Sakharov, unlike the vast...

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    A Perpetual Crisis: Reflections on Renewed Public Health Failures at the U.S./Mexico Border


    The Harvard Global Health Institute & FXB Center for Health and Human Rights—Online

    In March 2021, a record number of children arrived at the U.S./Mexico border, challenging capacity at US Customs and Border Protection facilities and placing newfound pressure on the Biden Administration to act promptly. However, this humanitarian crisis is not new, nor is it a direct result of a new U.S. government administration. For decades, the U.S. has failed to improve a system ill-equipped to handle the needs of vulnerable refugees and migrants. As children wait in overcrowded jail-like structures and COVID-19 remains a threat, concerns about who will continue to suffer at the...

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