Social Media classes for businesses held at the Harvard Ed Portal

September 1, 2016 at 4:00 pm
Classes for business at the Harvard Ed Portal were part of the Workforce and Economic Development program launched last year. Photo by HPAC.

Facebook? Twitter? Linkedin? What should business owners or entrepreneurs know about using social media to grow their business? In free two-hour classes in March, July and August, Susan LaPlante-Dube, Principal, Precision Marketing Group, helped sixty people better understand how a social media strategy can improve their business marketing. She also showed them how what they do offline can be translated into online, active engagement with their existing and prospective customers. Class attendees learned ways of identifying their target market, deciding which social media tools are right for their business, preparing content, and getting the word out about their company’s social media presence.

These classes were sponsored by the new Workforce and Economic Development Advisory Board at the Harvard Ed Portal. The Workforce and Economic Development program was launched last year with the goal of building a coordinated effort among local businesses, nonprofits, civic leaders and city agencies to improve the identity of the North Allston and Brighton area and strengthen the partnerships among the adult education coalition to create economic opportunity and job-readiness in a 21st century economy.