My Second Summer with Crimson Summer Academy by Ranjan Regmi

August 18, 2015 at 10:30 am
Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer

Every summer, for that past 12 years, nearly 100 high school kids from Boston and Cambridge spend their days in a mix of classes, field trips and various cultural activities in and around the metro-Boston area. The high school students, known as "Crimson Scholars," are part of the Crimson Summer Academy (CSA).

They return over the course of three summers, all in an effort to prepare for success in college and the future. CSA has helped nurture hundreds of talented and highly-motivated students, and helped them to achieve admission into top tier colleges and universities. Today, Crimson Scholars attend colleges and universities across the country – including Harvard.

Ranjan Regmi, or RJ, a 17-year-old student from Cambridge, just completed his second summer at CSA.

The experience at CSA is one that will last a life time. The bonds that are formed during this program can oftentimes even be much stronger than the ones we have outside the program.

The people in this program are more than just my classmates or roommates. I can honestly say that they are my family. They are my brothers and sisters.

I have been part of this program for two years now, and can see what this program truly does. The first year is the initial stage. In the beginning, because the work is so challenging, we are forced to communicate with each other. But as the weeks pass, and we learn more about each other, and work we each other more, we become friends and our strong bonds begin to form.

We come back for our second summer older and a little bit wiser. We’re excited to see our friends again, and spend the summer creating even stronger bonds.

Despite making many lifelong friends, this is also a place for learning. The work I have done over the past two summers was more challenging – and more rewarding - than the work I did in my two years of high school plus all of middle school combined. The skills we gain here will guide us well in college and throughout our lives.  

To me, CSA is the ideal school. It is where the best of the best come to work together, and it’s where everyone has great potential. It is incredibly diverse, yet though this CSA experience, we are forever connected to each other. There is no such thing as bulling or carrying your own burden. The problems you have are the problems that everyone else has. No one is alone here. I can only imagine the things we will learn, and the experiences we will share, as we continue along together on this journey.