Mott Hall scholars return to Harvard for second year

March 30, 2016 at 3:30 pm
A group of Mott Hall scholars take a Chinese Art class during their second visit to Harvard. Photo by HPAC.

More than 70 sixth grade scholars and teachers from Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brooklyn recently spent the day exploring Harvard University and talking with faculty, students and staff about a variety of topics.

“We learned about segregation and the Children’s Crusade in 1963,” said 12 year old Kamora Thompson. “It was really powerful and cool. I didn’t know about that before. That was definitely my favorite part of the day.”

This is the second year scholars from Mott Hall traveled to Cambridge. Last year more than 200 students toured Harvard to learn about the various things a University can offer, and prove that college is possible. They came as a result of an extensive Humans of New York fundraiser.

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