Allston Brighton Extension School Scholarships Announced

July 11, 2014 at 11:00 am

Harvard University and the Allston Civic Association (ACA) Executive Committee are excited to announce the recipients of the Fall 2014 Allston-Brighton Community Scholars program.

The following ten local scholars will be awarded scholarships for one course at the Harvard Extension School: Gihan Suliman, Lisa McDonough, Vanessa Morales, Jeffrey Yu, Caroline Chan, Namita Sharma, Tanner Fiske, Sanne Overvelde-Slagman, Bryce Larson and Charmon Hooper.

The applicants were required to submit a one-page personal statement describing their involvement within the Allston-Brighton community. The recipients were selected by the ACA scholarship committee through an anonymous application process.

“Seeing those names and the diversity they represent, and the contributions they make to it, shows what a great neighborhood Allston/Brighton is,” said Paul Berkeley, the ACA executive committee chair.

Harvard provides scholarships for a range of educational, athletic and enrichment programs for Allston-Brighton residents of all ages.

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