125 Boston families to participate in new series led by Harvard and BPS

February 26, 2013 at 11:43 am

Beginning in March, one-hundred and twenty-five families with children ages three to eight years old will participate in one of five Boston cohorts across the City to understand how children learn and how parents and families can play a role in a child’s development.

The new series, The Mind Matters: Families Make a Difference, comes as the result of an exciting new collaboration among Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, the Boston Public Schools’ Department of Family and Student Engagement, Parent University, and Boston Thrive in 5. The intent of the series is to bring educational resources directly to local families by leveraging the expertise and resources from Harvard and Boston Public Schools.

Participants will take part in an interactive 20-hour series led by educators from Boston Public Schools and Boston Thrive in 5! under the direction of the school programs and professional development staff from the Harvard Public Affairs and Communications office.

To complete the training and preparation for facilitating the cohorts, the adult educators recently took a “field trip” to the Boston Labs of Cognitive Neuroscience (LCN), a division of Harvard Medical School. Drs. Margaret Sheridan and Charles Nelson answered questions about their ongoing research. These internationally known and respected researchers devote their time to uncover brain and cognitive development in typically developing infants and children, as well as children diagnosed with, or at risk for, various developmental disorders.

As a partner of the Mind Matters and Families Make a Difference series, researchers from LCN will give a presentation on brain-development to each cohort. This is a great opportunity for families to learn more about their child’s development, and from leading experts whose research on the same subject is taking place right here in Boston. Families participating in the series will also have an opportunity to become further involved in LCN’s child studies if they are interested.